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Frequently Asked Questions About Massage Therapy

It is natural to have some questions about massage therapy when considering it for the first time. My intention here is to provide you some of the most general and frequent questions about massage therapy.

It is not possible to consider every question, because each person has their individual and personal concerns they want to address. For those questions that I have not covered here in this FAQ page, please contact me by phone or fax and I will endeavour to answer any personal questions about massage therapy you may have.

In fact, what usually occurs is the question may not come to mind until you attend your first massage therapy session.

Below are some of the most asked questions with answers.

Q:"Do I have to disclose all my medical history on the form for the massage therapist?"

A:The therapist needs to know your medical history in order to conduct each therapy session with your best health and recovery in mind. The therapist will ask the questions most important that effect the therapy sessions and your response to massage therapy. If there are any concerns, it is best to discuss it with the therapist at your first visit.

Q:"Is one massage therapy session enough?"

A:No, generally several sessions are required to see effective results, but the exact number of sessions is determined between you and the therapist.

Q:"How long are the massage therapy sessions?"

A:From 15 minutes to 1 hour. The therapist knows how much time is required to perform a proper therapy session in accordance to your physical needs.

Q:"Do I need to undress?"

A:Talk to the therapist about your comfort level. Direct skin contact is the best, but the therapist will only massage the part that requires massage therapy. The rest of your body will be covered with a sheet.

Q:"I bruise easily, what do I do?"

A:The massage therapist is trained to adjust the therapy due to specific medical conditions. Discuss it with the therapist first and advise him of any medical condition that you believe may be a factor or hindrance.

Q:"Do I need a doctor's referral?"

A:No you do not, yet discuss with your doctor if massage therapy could assist you.

Q:"What is the cost of a 30 minute session?"

A:Please contact the clinic for a schedule of fees.

Q:"Does BC Medical cover the cost of massage therapy?"

A:If you have subsidized MSP premiums, you may have coverage for up to 10 visits per year, except a service fee of per visit which the patient is required to pay. BC Medical may not cover you in some other cases. Please contact BC Medical to find out if your account includes coverage.

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