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Lon Fraser RMT

Massage Therapy And Performance

Performance is not just restricted to athletic events, it is also within your everyday life.

Athletes require optimal muscle performance to be as good as they can be. If the muscles cannot perform, neither can they perform. This is the same in everyone's life. Loss of mobility, flexibility and function because of muscle and tissue dysfunction is something no one wants. Feeling young is more about body health than age. Even a young person whose muscles are not functioning properly does not feel as young as their age tells them.

Muscle trigger and tender points are resolved through massage therapy, reducing hypersensitivity, muscle spasms and referral pain patterns that characterize trigger and tender points. If these trigger and tender points are left untreated, they often lead to restricted and painful movement, sometimes of entire body regions.

Massage therapy provides help to bring muscle and tissue back to a healthy performance level. It complements traditional medical treatment for illness, injury and muscular pain.

Since I have been involved with the Vernon Vipers Jr. Hockey team, I have seen my fair share of muscle injuries and dysfunction. I have seen how it negatively impacts the players' performance. In turn, I have seen the positive results of massage therapy for the performance of these players.

Massage therapy can help you, whether or not you're an athlete

Performance Tips

What tips can you follow to improve muscle and body performance on your own?

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